September 2019


Friday, 27th September

8,30h- Participants registration.

Morning plenary session 9.00 – 13.25

9,00h– Opening session

Representative of the psychology faculty- João Justo

 President of AIPCF – Rosa Jaitin

 Representative of EFPP (Couple and Family section) – Cristina Calarasanu

 Representative of Order of Psychologists

 President of Poiesis – Manuela Porto

9,20h- Video-Conference

Janine PUGET– “Various superimposed stories: of the present and the past”

10h– Transgenerational listening, link construction, continuity and discontinuity

Chair: Luís Simões Ferreira

Rosa JAITIN – “Family proto rhythm and transgenerational listening in psychoanalytic family therapy”

Elizabeth PALACIOS– ‘Resistance to linking in long dated couples: “We thought we knew each other so much”.

Sonia KLEIMAN– ‘The discontinuity in the linking scenes’

11,20h- Coffee-break

11,45h– The ages of life, time, culture and clinic of couple and family

Chair: Rui Cintra

Anne LONCAN– ‘Perception of time by age, family incident´

Rosina Constante PEREIRA – ‘Repair webs and tribulations of the narcissistic contract’

Manuela PORTO – ‘The time of Melancholy ‘’

Ana GOMES– ‘The time of the (mis)matches in the relationship of the couple. Sharing ideas and therapies’

13,25h- 15.00 – Lunch

Afternoon plenary session 15.00-18.40

15hContemporaneity: real and virtual spaces

Chair- Filipe Coutinho Dias

Ruth Blay LEVISKY – ‘Times and Family: in real and virtual spaces and the impacts of Culture’

David Leo LEVISKY–‘The difficult art of parental function in contemporary times’ 

Joana Alves FERREIRA– ‘Reflections on the construction of the conjugal bond in contemporaneity – a clinical case’

16,20h- Coffee-break

16,40h– Times of Love, times of violence in the family

Chair- João Paulo Ribeiro

Maria José VIDIGAL– ‘Love and violence in family’

Patrícia Segurado NUNES– ‘The time of the Family and the analyst-a crossroads at the service of psychic change?’

Beatriz MATOSO– ‘They always criticized us and now we criticize each other’.

Maria Cecília LLORENS-HERRERA; Claudio MARUOTTOLO– ‘Psychoanalytic  re-constructions and après-coup in a clinical case of sadomasochism in the family bond’.

Sizalda OLIVEIRA, João JUSTO– ‘Motivational determinisms associated with the choice of the conjugal partner: Evaluation, prognosis and intervention’


Saturday, 28th september

Morning plenary session 9.30 – 13.00

9,30h– National, cross-cultural and family temporality

Chair -Manuela Porto

Olga Ruíz CORREA – ‘The avatars of generational psychic transmission’

Meriem Mokdad ZMITRI –  ‘National temporality versus family temporality: a gap necessary for resilience’

Florencio MONEO  – ‘The Family group. The elaboration of the current family trauma and the social past.’

Thames W. BORGES, Marie Rose MORO – ‘The cross-cultural clinic in coping with the transgenerational transmission of violence’


11,40h– Between Past and Present – Transgenerationality, Memory(s), Reconstruction

Chair- Amélia Pimenta

Alberto EIGUER – ‘The time of the transgenerational’

Daniela LUCARELLI– ‘Psychoanalysis with the couple: between intrapsychic and interpersonal, between past and present´’ 

Eduardo GRISPON– ‘Family listening in individual therapy. Access to questions about the origin of children in a disconnected encounter and their identity derivation’

13h– 14.30 Lunch

Afternoon plenary session 14,30-19.00

14,30h- amphitheater – Different devices, different times, in Psychoanalysis of Couple and Family

Chair- Patrícia Segurado Nunes

Juan González ROJAS, Paloma de PABLOS– ‘Adela returns home – present time, biographical reconstruction of the history of migration-expulsion, encounter and reunion in an integrative intervention’

Amélia PIMENTA, Conceição TEIXEIRA, Nuno COTRALHA, Rui CINTRA – ‘ The temporality in Casal and Family psychotherapy. Reflections from clinical cases in co-therapy’.

Lúcia ABRANTES, Rui CINTRA-‘ Family time vs. court time’

Carla Martins MENDES, Fernanda Ribeiro PALERMO – ‘Family time: between urgency and interruption in generational transmission’.

Anca GANCIÚ– ‘Cronos and Kairos (about time in psychoanalytical psychotherapy)’

14,30h- Room11– Clinical work with children, adolescents and couples

Chair – Pedro Augusto Martins

Sara González de PABLOS – ‘The temporality. Containment and repair in Therapeutic Community’

 Madalena RESENDE – ‘Time in Psychotherapy – the teenager stopped in time’.

Carina Brito de MANA –‘The time of demand – reflection on the mobilization of expectations in the co-construction of the family clinic’.

16,10h- Coffee-break    

16,30hamphitheater- Child, teenager, family, community

Chair– João Teixeira

Cristina CALARASANU – ‘Emergency and Emergence of Time in Family Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy’

Isabel DUARTE – ‘Cinderella became a beautiful woman.’

João Paulo RIBEIRO – ‘A psychoanalytic model of Child-in-Family-in-Community’

16,30h– Room11 – O tempo futuro

Chair- Conceição Teixeira

António TELO– ‘The climate crisis’.

Maria Coelho ROSA– ‘From “I to Us” – the requirement of a “new time’’’.

Rui CINTRA– ‘Tempus fugit: the dimensions of time in the psychoanalytic clinic of Casal e Família’

17,45h– Clinical Laboratory of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of Couple and Family (spontaneous comment of the case presented at the moment),

Case presented by: Sofia Soares PEREIRA



.Eduardo GRISPÓN                                                     


18,45h – Closing of the Colloquium (15m)

President of Poiesis Analítika and Organizing committee


 21:00h – Dinner